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Announcement of 2022 Academic Transcript of Qixiang New Materials


 In 2022, we adhered to the core values of seeking truth and pragmatism, innovation and progress, unity and cooperation, and sharing and win-win proposed by Chairman Yao Xiang, and focused on process and communication as the main line of enterprise management. Under the leadership of company executives, we worked hard to overcome the impact and uncertainty brought by the epidemic. Through the unity and hard work of various departments, we successfully completed all the tasks and indicators for 2022. At the same time, the pace of comprehensive construction of the company has been accelerated, opening up a new situation where the company's cohesion has broken through and is poised for development.

01 Sales Performance Reached a New High

 Under the correct guidance of the company's leaders, the sales team worked together to overcome difficulties, continuously breaking through sales, with an increase of 38%, creating a gratifying result of three years of continuous growth. The combination of self production and self sales, domestic and foreign trade, differentiated product competition, professional sales team, and marketing strategy have elevated Qixiang's sales scale to a new level.

 02 Obtained the second level enterprise of safety production standardization

In 2022, enterprises will tighten the main responsibility for safety and environmental protection, continuously improve the construction of environmental and occupational health and safety management systems, strictly implement the "full staff safety production responsibility system", scientifically assess risks, and strengthen on-site inspections and job inspections around key production areas, parts, equipment, and weak links. Special rectification will be carried out in key areas such as special operations on the "Phase III" construction site, and key work such as anti "three violations" special inspections and "one post, one volume" safety education and training will continue to be carried out. Greatly improve the company's safety management level and effectively curb the occurrence of safety accidents.

03 "Little Giant" showcases "Great Achievements"

Qixiang has been persisting in high-quality development for 20 years: building a high-quality and technically proficient professional team; Take the path of "specialized, refined, and innovative" product research and development to achieve professional development, refined management, distinctive technology, and sustainable innovation; Drive brand value through innovation, transform and enhance traditional industries, and cultivate strategic industries. The 'little giant' has grown vigorously, containing 'great energy' and will have 'great achievements' in the future.

04 Pioneers in Exploring the Unknown Field of Rubber

In 2022, the company developed new process technologies that break through the negative carbon method of white carbon black, low heat generation hydrogenated resin, modified vegetable oil, environmentally friendly rubber oil, and environmentally friendly processing additives. It developed functional additives with ultra-high heat resistance and excellent dynamic performance, established a thousand ton biological rubber production line, continuously promoted synthesis process optimization, and improved production efficiency. We adhere to the concept of innovation, focus on exploring original and innovative products, closely follow the national "dual carbon" strategy, focus on research and development goals such as environmental protection, bio based, carbon neutrality, and high-performance, and continue to explore unknown areas of rubber.

05 Production capacity renovation and expansion

In 2022, Qixiang New Materials will closely focus on technological innovation and innovative development, with the focus on technological transformation and capacity expansion, as well as incremental production expansion, to promote the "scale up process". In July, the technological transformation and capacity expansion project will start, increasing the production capacity to 40000 tons of functional resin and 10000 tons of high-performance additives per year, realizing the replacement of "new" production lines, "intelligent" production equipment, and "beautiful" production workshops. We are determined to conquer every technological core in exploring the unknown field of rubber, Realize the "fission" of production capacity.

06 Refinement, solidity, and refinement

In 2022, the Quality Department will strengthen the quality assurance system throughout the entire chain and upgrade its quality assurance level through continuous "refinement, practicality, and refinement". A "refined" quality management system integrates quality, environmental protection, and health management to comprehensively control product quality; Strengthen the quality supervision of the entire product chain, refine and strengthen the weak points of quality management, make good use of each site, and carry out quality education and training; Improve laboratory management, optimize equipment accuracy management, process optimization, department structure optimization, and enhance personnel skills to provide professional and comprehensive testing support for internal quality control.

07 Deepening business steadily improving

 In 2022, based on basic work, the Human Resources Department will continue to "deeply cultivate" while improving the departmental system: "deeply cultivate" talent selection, continuously improve the company's recruitment system, establish scientific and reasonable selection and evaluation tools, and achieve steady expansion of the talent team; Deeply cultivate and educate people, extract internal experience and absorb external skills, promote a series of executive classes and specialized training on "communication" and "processes", and assist in empowering the business of middle and grassroots managers; Deeply cultivate and employ personnel, optimize personnel education structure, and combine human resource data with employee performance management to drive the optimization and improvement of work efficiency in various departments of the company. 

08 Creating a warm and harmonious atmosphere in 2008, shaping the spiritual core of employees

Over the past year, we have been facing the volatility of the epidemic, both physically and mentally exhausted. In order to relax employees and create an active and vibrant cultural atmosphere, the company has carried out a variety of recreational activities: Yuanxiao (Filled round balls made of glutinous rice-flour for Lantern Festival), riddle guessing, women's day condolences and health knowledge lectures, guandan contest and other activities, so that the company's employees can feel the harmony and warmth of the Qixiang family.

 09 Party building leads the colorful Qixiang

In 2022, the Qixiang Party Branch organized a series of party building activities around the theme of "Party building leading the colorful Qixiang". I have successively studied the "Battle of Changjin Lake", "Zunyi Conference", "Decisive Battle of the National Congress of the Communist Party of China", "Yan'an Rectification Movement", and the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. In June, I organized all party members to visit the 82 Martyrs' Cemetery in Liu Laozhuang, continuously exploring the wisdom and strength of integrating with enterprise development from the party's century long journey. As a grassroots party organization, Qixiang Party Branch identifies the connection, focus, and entry point between party building work and enterprise development, continuously innovating and enriching party building activities, continuously improving the cohesion, combat effectiveness, and influence of the branch, and providing strong spiritual support for the healthy and rapid development of the enterprise.

10 Emotional Social Responsibility

Qixiang New Materials has always upheld a positive attitude of giving back to society, caring for and supporting public welfare undertakings such as education, culture, and health, and has established scholarships in major universities for a long time. In 2022, a large number of condolence materials were sent to frontline workers in the fight against the epidemic, and charitable donations were made to the difficult police in Huai'an. The company integrates the concept of responsibility to repay the public and contribute to society into its corporate culture and development strategy, forming a consensus and atmosphere within the company to actively fulfill social responsibilities.

2022 is an extraordinary year and also a year that witnesses us to overcome difficulties and strive forward. The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China sounded the horn for a new journey. We must always maintain our determination to innovate and forge ahead, ensure the stable development of the company, improve core competitiveness, and comprehensively build the strategic goal of sustainable development of the company. In 2023, let's unite and break through together.